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Kottler Metal Products is proud to showcase our contribution to the Scioto Mile Riverfront Project in Columbus Ohio.  Our 3" & 5" stainless steel elliptical bends have been erected as the signature feature in Bicentennial Park's 15,000 square foot splash park fountain attraction.


Park Fountain Awe-Inspiring

By Jeffrey Sheban, The Columbus Dispatch

The fountain of youth is elusive no more: Starting today, Columbus residents can discover it on the east bank of the Scioto River.

An elaborate outdoor “splash park” geared toward children and families is expected to be the big draw at the redesigned Bicentennial Park, on the southern tip of the Scioto Mile.

“I’m looking at this with a lot of excitement,” said DeShawn Isaac, 24, peering through a construction fence recently as workers put finishing touches on the fountain.

“I’ll even admit that one day I might come down here and play in it because it looks so cool,” the South Side resident said.

The fountain project, covering 15,000 square feet, contains 1,079 ground-level spray nozzles topped by five stainless-steel halo structures with 1,000 additional nozzles to produce mist from above. The center blossom can shoot water 70 feet into the air.

“I think kids will probably like the things that shoot water,” said Cole Abbott, 8, of the North Side, who, with his two younger brothers and other children, got to test the fountain before the official opening.

Cole’s mother, Miriam Bowers Abbott, was equally impressed.

“It’s awe-inspiring,” she said of the fountain, which is sponsored by American Electric Power. “The kids ran around like crazy people for an hour-and-a-half.”

The water jets have been programmed to start at 7 a.m. daily and build in intensity throughout the day.

“(The fountain) starts slowly, like it’s waking up, and comes increasingly alive as the day goes on – especially when Mom and the children are going to be playing in it,” said Guy Worley, president and chief executive officer of the Columbus Downtown Development Corp., a nonprofit group responsible for rebuilding the park.

The Columbus Recreation and Parks Department will manage parks on both sides of the Scioto, including the rebuilt Bicentennial Park stage to the south and the fountain.



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