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Kottler Metal's enhanced plate rolling department has the capacity to roll up to 10' wide plates. Our plate rolling options are commonly used for producing pitched staircase stringers, cylinders, and conical shapes for a variety of industries and applications.

Kottler Metal Products Expands Plate Rolling Department

Kottler Metal Products is excited to announce an expansion in our plate rolling department and an increase in our rolling capacity with the purchase of our brand new Parmigiani VBH 460 CNC 4-roll plate bending machine. This new machine will allow us to form 1 ½” plates up to 10’ wide. Equipped with the most advanced CAD software and CNC controls, this machine represents the pinnacle of plate bending technology in the world.

Click HERE to view Kottler Metal Products plate rolling capacity on our new Parmigiani VBH 460.

In 1927 Ernesto Parmigiani began manufacturing tank equipment for the chemical industry in the northern Italian town of Cremona. Rapid growth led to the development of plate and section rolls as well as dishing and flanging machines. Over 80 years later, Parmigiani remains a family owned company producing a wide variety of innovative machines for the rolling industry.

The Parmigiani VBH 460 plate roll features a heavy frame, high clamping & bending power, and a variety of control options designed for longevity and ease of use. The bender features Anti-frictional Vertical Guides (AVG) to position the rolls. The AVG concept places the lower rolls in a machined linear surface with anti-frictional material reducing the centerline distance between the side and central rolls. Rolling forces are directly transmitted to the hydraulic cylinders. This design has no pivot points or pins to affect parallelism when rolling. The rolls are electronically balanced for parallelism hence there is no torque tube which can create twisting stresses in the machine frame allowing the hydraulic system to operate more efficiently. This new plate roller features the Heavy-Duty Multi-Bearing System (HMB) which places four heavy duty multi-bearings on each end of each roll. These additional bearings guarantee optimal distribution of the load even during cone rolling and increase the drive efficiency by reducing friction.